Meal Plan – Week of 2.27

26 Feb

Another busy week ahead! Nani is in town so she will be taking on Monday’s Meal (Corn Beef and Cabbage), plus my 3 year old just got her very own cookbook so that will be fun! Let’s break down this week’s meal choices:

Breakfast all week will be made ahead of time using my Sous Vide

PLUS an extra large batch of french toast sticks made with THIS RECIPE and Trader Joes Brioche bread. (It reheats beautifully)

Let’s dive into Dinner:

Sunday: Artisan Pizza in my Pizza Oven (Pizza dough from Trader Joes)

Monday: Corn Beef and Cabbage in the crock pot (Thanks to Nani) – Corn beef purchased at Costco.

Tuesday: Puerto Rican Cuban Steaks (basic recipe below)

Wednesday: Coconut chicken curry (add carrots and bell peppers) 

Thursday: Crockpot Chicken Taquitos 

Friday: Pizza night (we really like pizza around here) But this time Mexican Taco Pizza!


Puerto Rican Cubed Steak (Per my non-puerto rican MIL but approved by my Puerto Rican Husband)

28 oz can of tomato sauce

Cube steaks (enough to feed the crowd)

One packet of Sazon,

some seasoned salt to taste

garlic powder to taste

onion power to taste (you can also toss in some sliced onions but my husband hates them)

Cumin to taste (optional)

Cheyenne powder for spice to taste (optional)

Fry up the steaks in a little bit of oil, I add the seasoned salt, pepper to the steaks while they are cooking.  When they are cooked almost all the way through, take them out, then put the rest of the stuff in the pan.  Mix the sauce and all of the seasonings left and then put the steaks back in to cook through, usually another 20 minutes or until tender. This can also be made in the crockpot if your heart so desires. Serve with rice.




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